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Mobile App FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I download the App?
A - You can follow the links below to the App store for your brand phone then consult this guide. Please be aware some features may not be available in the web only version.

Q - Do I already have an account?
A - For now you can just choose "skip" on the log in screen. There is no difference in the information you will see whether you are logged into the app or not. There are features we are not yet using that would utilize a log in.

Q - Am I missing anything by not being logged into the app?
A - Currently you are not. As features are added that would require your student to log in we will inform you well in advance. You can get all alerts, news, files by skipping the log in.

Q - What determines which alerts I receive?
A - Which schools you select. If you have a student in the high school selecting that school will get you alerts from the high school news/events. If you select the district you will get district level news/events/documents. You can add remove schools/district at any time.

Q - Can I have multiple schools/district selected?
A - Yes you can select all the schools, only a few, just the district level or any combination. They can be changed at any time.

Q - What types of information should I expect to receive?
A - Based off the schools and district you selected you could receive announcements, daily/weekly calendar events, school news, Facebook postings and documents such as monthly school newsletters.

Q - How do I get technical support?
A - If you encounter an issue with the app you can reach out to the WMASD help desk, if the issue needs escalated we would reach out to the app company and submit an issue on your behalf.
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