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HS School Counselors

West Mifflin Area High School Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) services at-risk students in the West Mifflin Area High School. Students identified as being at-risk are referred to the SAP team. At-risk students are typically experiencing significant personal problems related to: depression, academic performance, peer relationships, pregnancy, suicidal thoughts, anxiety/fears, family problems, eating/sleeping difficulties, drug and alcohol usage, and hostility/anger. Before any action is taken, parents/guardians are notified and provided with approval forms that must be submitted prior to any action through SAP.
The Student Assistant Program is comprised of trained school professionals (guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators) who receive referrals from parents, teachers, students, and other school staff. This team works closely with outside agencies and other counseling and referral services. A list of team members is available in the guidance office.

Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Joann Philip
PHONE: (412) 466-9131 Ext: 1007
FAX: (412) 466-8185

School Counselors

Mr. John Inglis (9th Grade (A-Z) and 8th grade transition)
(412) 466-9131 Ext: 1010

Mr. Tom Ruffing (10th – 12th Grades (A–L))
(412) 466-9131 Ext: 1009

Mrs. Jennifer Shields (10th – 12th Grades (M-Z))
(412) 466-9131 Ext: 1008

91 Commonwealth Ave West Mifflin, PA 15122
Phone: 412-466-9131 / Fax: 412-466-4595
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