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June School Board Meetings Recap

Edward Wehrer presents his budget for the West Mifflin Area School District

The West Mifflin Area School District held its monthly school board work session and voting session on June 13 and June 20. The next meeting is on August 1, when the school board will hold its work session. On August 8, the school board will hold its regular voting session. For a full agenda and details from the meetings, view the agendas here and here.

Additionally, video of both meetings can be viewed on our Titan TV YouTube channel here and here.

Some quick notes from both meetings:

  • Edward Wehrer, the district’s Director of Finance and Operations, presented the district’s final budget for fiscal year 2024-2025, which was approved at $68,252,476. His presentation can be viewed here. Some highlights from the budget:

    • The real estate tax millage rate was approved at 26.5691 mills for the 2024-2025 school year. This rate did not increase from last year.

    • Among improvements and investments budgeted for, the district is allocating funds for improved lighting, seating, sound system, stage curtains, a rigging system, and a stage floor in the high school auditorium. “For those in the performing arts, that’s going to be a noted improvement,” said Mr. Wehrer.

    • The district is investing in new books and curriculum materials for music, band, tech ed. and family consumer science. “We have really made a significant investment in curriculum, and also classroom technology,” said Mr. Wehrer.

    • The district is allocating Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Stronger Connections Grant funds for the Titan Assistance Patrol, a wide-ranging initiative that is meant to address students’ mental health, all while furthering bonds for the district’s families. “We’re expecting to really strengthen the relationships that we have with families,” said Mr. Wehrer. You can read more about the Titan Assistance Patrol here.

  • Noelle Haney, the district’s Director of Pupil Services, shared data and success stories regarding Reading and Math benchmark data at the K-5 grade levels. This past school year, the district’s students made great progress with a new benchmarking process. Dina Fouser and Tina Keller, instructional coaches in the district, were instrumental in this progress. Haney’s presentation can be viewed here. Some highlights:

    • Kindergarten students increased by 17 percent on their Reading benchmark assessments, while 3rd grade students increased by 10 percent. 

    • Kindergarten students performing at far below or below grade level at Math decreased by 38.4 percent, while 5th grade students performing at above or on grade level increased by 11.2 percent.

  • The district hired a number of new employees. Among those hired include McKenzie Taylor, Taylor Gibler, Karen Lake, Jen Perry, Mia DiBello, Nick Dzuka, Erica Haakensen, Maranda Kotchman, John Kaufman III, Dante DaBaldo, Lucas Krajack, Joseph Ferraracci, and Hannah Bradley.

    • Additionally, a number of employees changed positions. Dr. Jah-Chant Robinson was hired as an Elementary Principal, while Lance Maha was hired as the Director of K-12 Activities and Athletics. Further, Mark Bonacci was hired as the High School Assistant Principal and Robert Yeschenko was transferred to Titan Cyber Academy/Ninth Grade Principal.

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