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What's New for 2022-2023?

New Teachers have been added to our TCA Faculty!

New Teachers

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TCA has doubled our full-time faculty to better serve students' academic and social needs.

We now have two highly qualified elementary teachers!

Mrs. Melissa Welsh will teach grades 1, 2, and 3.

Mr. Jim Klipa will teach grades 4,5, and 6.

We also have two highly qualified special education teachers!

Mrs. Shelby Meneely will teach Kindergarten and work with special education students.

Ms. Angelina Baroffio will work with our special education students also.

With our increased staff, we can meet the unique learning needs of all students in the cyber setting, while paying special close attention to each student.

New Courses

New Courses, Academic Support, and Social Development Courses have been added!

At the elementary level (K-3), we have enriched our specials course offerings to include hands-on projects and live demonstrations with exciting active participation in lessons. K-3 cyber students will also participate in a Kids Connect program, where each child will learn and interact with peers with in-person and live social interaction (your choice) as we discuss developmentally appropriate social skills such as "how to make friends" and numerous topics.

At the middle school level, grades (4-8), we have enriched our specials course offerings to ensure a more consistent program that parallels our in-person offerings.

At the high school level (9-12), we have added advanced honors courses for English, Science, and Math!  We have also added many elective options that used to only be available to in-person students.  

At all levels (K-12), by increasing our faculty, we have added multiple intervention and support opportunities for ALL LEARNERS!  K-12 students will have the ability to attend live online tutoring or in-person tutoring on a convenient and consistent schedule tailored to individual students' needs.

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