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District administrators reflect on 2023-24 school year during administrative retreat

As the school year came to an end, West Mifflin Area School District administrators came together for their yearly administrative retreat, held from June 3-7.

The retreat covered a wide range of topics, as administrators reflected on the past school year, while also looking ahead to the next. Assistant superintendent Dr. Jeff Solomon said he and his peers came out of the meetings feeling quite optimistic about the district’s direction. Students are receiving a high quality education that prepares them well for life after high school, all while carefully having their social and emotional needs carefully attended to.

“It was definitely an opportunity for the administration to further develop their skills and strengthen relationships in a positive, cohesive environment,” said Dr. Solomon.

“At this point, we’re improved in academic and social and emotional learning, as compared to last year.”

Dr. Solomon said the district’s Titan Evolution initiative continues to move forward quite well, as the district's administration continues to develop new and innovative ways to best provide for their students. 

A former teacher himself, Dr. Solomon said he was especially interested to hear about the great progress being made at the Elementary level with the district’s instructional coaches and benchmarking process.

“I’m really excited about that,” said Dr. Solomon.

A district that prides itself on collaboration, innovation, and openness to new ideas, Dr. Solomon said the administrative retreat acted as a prime opportunity for school leaders to work together, as they continue to shape the bright futures of the district’s students.

“The part that I like the most about the retreat is how we work together, both cross-curricular and cross-building wise. It’s just a cohesive and positive environment,” said Dr. Solomon.

“Clear expectations and open communication are the two keystones to any successful organization. We’re always striving to create more opportunities for that.”

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