West Mifflin Area School District 1:1 Initiative


What kind of devices?

Grades 6-8:

  • iPad Mini 16gb
  • iPad 5th generation 32gb
Grades 9-12:
  • Lenovo 300e
    • Intel Celeron N3450
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 64 GB SSD
    • 11.6" touch screen
    • Active Pen

Will these replace textbooks?

  • The devices will be used in conjunction with textbooks.  However as the program progresses more of our classroom content will become digitized.

What kinds of things will students be using the devices for?

  • They will supplement, enhance, & differentiate the instruction. (class work, homework, research, class activities, projects, quizzes/tests, & educational videos.

Would students have homework on it?

  • The devices would be one way that teachers can use to enhance student achievement both in and outside of the classroom.

Do the students get earphones? If not, can students get them?

  • No, we will not provide earphones, however you can use your own with a teacher’s permission.

Are students allowed to take pictures?

  • Yes, but keep in mind it is a school issued device so any pictures that are taken should be "school appropriate."  Any picture/image deemed "inappropriate" will lead to a potential loss of device privileges. 

What happens if a student forgets it at home?

  • All classes will provide "paper versions" of an assignment.  Students will be required to complete all assignments, despite not having their device. 

How often will students use their device?

  • They will be used on a daily basis.  Each student will be expected to bring their device (100% fully- charged) each day, unless otherwise announced by the teacher(s).  Which would include you transporting it to and from school every day. 

Will it be used for all subjects? 

  • Yes, it will be utilized in all core classes and will be rolled out to the Specials classes as the program progresses. 

Why did the district decide to implement a one-to-one program?

  • The goal of implementing an device in every students’ hands is to help students to learn essential 21st century skills, while at the same time allowing teacher’s instruction to be tailored to meet the needs of individual learners on their level.

Are students able to contact their teacher if they have a question about an assignment?

  • The teachers will respond to student questions/concerns in a timely manner.  As always, any question/concern by a student should be discussed with the teacher the following day.

Do students get to keep their device over the summer?

  • No, the devices are district property and will be returned for general maintenance over the summer months.

Would a student get the same device every year? 

  • We will attempt to return the same device to the student every year.  
Would students have to pay for repairs if they break it? 
  • Yes, if the damage is not related to a manufacture issue or is outside of normal wear on the device.  Cost would be per the terms in our insurance agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, and our student handbook regulations. Families have the option to purchase insurance to help mitigate the full financial responsibility of accidental damage.

What would happen if it is lost or stolen?

  • The district would make every possible effort to assist in finding the device.  We will be employing a Mobile Device Management system which can remotely lock and wipe the device, as well as sending us information about the device if it is connected to a wifi signal.  Ultimately it is a students’ responsibility to care for the device just like any other school property issued to them like a text book etc.  Cost of a lost device would be dependent upon the language of the insurance policy. 

How much is insurance and what does it cover?

Do students/parents have to pay monthly?

  • No, there is no monthly fee or data plan applied to the device.  The device will only work on wifi networks.

Are students permitted to use it for things other than school? (Social Media, Facetime etc.?)

  • No, you cannot use social media on the device based upon our current Acceptable Use Policy, and that would include apps such as Facetime and messenger as well.

Can students download any apps, books, music, games etc.?

  • Students would only have access to apps, music, and books that are purchased by the school.  The apps and updates will be managed via a Mobile Device Management system that the school will maintain and operate.

Can students personalize it (wallpaper etc.)?

  • Yes you can personalize the devices wallpaper as well as create folders and move apps around on the device.

Can you monitor students on it?

  • Yes, you can be monitored in several different ways from web browsing and filters to applications that will show your screen to the teacher.

What if students bring their device to school and the battery is dead?

  • We will have several charging areas in the classroom and common areas of the school. 

What happens if a student leaves the device at home?

  • This will be handled in the same manner as a child who leaves his/her textbook or other school supplies at home.

Will every child receive a device?

  • Every 6-8th grade student will be assigned an iPad and 9-12 a laptop for school use.

What would happen if a student abuses the device privileges?

  • Students will be responsible for adhering to the Acceptable Use Policy, violations will be dealt with as per the Student Code of Conduct for disciplinary violations.  

Are there consequences other than money for damaging the device (i.e. detention suspension)?

  • Students will be subject to school disciplinary violations as well as the cost of repairing the device.

Do students get it taken away if we break the device?

  • Students may be subject to disciplinary violations which may include loss of privilege to use the device. 

What if the device breaks more than once? 

  • Students may be subject to disciplinary action if they were negligent with the care of the device.

Does the device belong to the school or the student? 

  • The device is school district property. 

What if the device is stolen? 

  • Every attempt will be made to resolve the issue; however, the ultimate responsibility lies with the student.   

 What if someone takes it and breaks it? 

  • Every attempt will be made to resolve the issue.  Students may be subject to disciplinary action pending the investigation.

Is there anything students are not permitted to do on them?

  • Students must adhere to the acceptable use policy which will be explained to students/parents upon receipt of device.

Are you going to send letters to parents about the device?

  • We will have numerous opportunities to communicate to parents about the device.

If a student moves to another district, would they be permitted to take it with them?

  • No, the device belongs to the school district and must be returned.

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