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Current West Mifflin Cyber students!
Please complete the attached survey to begin your registration process for next year. Upon completion of the survey, a Titan Cyber Academy representative will contact you to schedule.
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2020-2021 Full-time Cyber
Asynchronous learning is provided for students to work independently and complete their coursework anytime with quarterly or semester due dates. Asynchronous learning does not require a live component, unless students are struggling and not succeeding independently. Additional time may be available for students to connect and collaborate in a live or digital setting. Asynchronous learning guides students to complete work as posted on their daily/weekly assignment calendar and/or folders. Course components include warm ups, instruction, readings, videos, interactive learning games, discussion board threads, performance tasks, essays, and assessments. A West Mifflin Area teacher will provide support and feedback throughout the duration of the course.

2020-2021 Hybrid Cyber 
Do you need flexibility regarding your child’s school day? Are there electives that are not specific to online learning such as music, art or vocational opportunities? Does your child need more face-to-face instruction in a particular area? Hybrid cyber provides your child the opportunity to take online courses when your child is not physically in school. Courses will vary based on their home building’s master schedule. Transportation is the responsibility of the family based on the student’s need to arrive at school late or leave school early. **This option does not include WMASD COVID-19 Remote Instruction. It is specifically for a combination of WMCA and In-house instruction.
Some examples of options:
Arrive to school late – based on the building master schedule, determine what time your child arrives at school and begins a traditional schedule
Leave school early - based on the building master schedule, you can determine what time your child can be released and picked up
Arrive late, leave early – based on the building master schedule, determine what your traditional and cyber day will allow. For example, (periods 1 and 2 cyber, periods 3 – 6 traditional, periods 7 and 8 cyber)

2020-2021 WMCA Cyber Application

You must have a valid email address to complete this application. All students must enroll through this application process. Once your application is submitted a counselor will contact you to schedule an enrollment meeting.

Current Student can log onto EdGenuity curriculum software here:

Current students can log onto PowerSchool here:

Issued Laptop: Username is wmcyber# found on the bottom of the laptop
Default password is password.


For Technical Support please contact the Help Desk and leave a message at:

(412) 466-9131 x3333. 

Please leave your full name and a full description of the problem

You can also call or email:

• Ms. Molly Harbst 412-466-9131 x1010


• Live academic support is available every Tuesday evening 3:00PM - 5:00PM.
Other days/times by appointment.

• Any weekly assignments not turned in by Tuesday at 5:00PM will be graded a zero.

• There will be quarterly progress review sessions.
During these sessions we will discuss your child's progress in the cyber academy.


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