WMASD Security and Safety Department Reminders and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Photo Identification Reminder

Friendly reminder that all visitors, including parents and guardians of children will be requested to show photo identification when entering West Mifflin Area School District Facilities.  In addition, all visitors will be required to sign in on the visitor log(s).

Question: Why must I sign in and wear an identification badge when I visit my child’s school?

Answer: Visitor control procedures and the requirement to wear identification badges are fundamental measures for ensuring safe and secure learning and work environments. Intruders are discouraged by sound security measures, and the identification cards provide a means to quickly identify who does and does not belong in schools and centers. Sign-in procedures also allow administrators and staff personnel to account for all persons in their buildings in the event a crisis occurs.

Visitors and contractors will be directed to sign-in and issued a badge to wear while in the facility.  The visitor and or contractor will then be directed to the main office or asked to wait for their escort.  Those not doing so can be challenged by any staff member or volunteer, and will be required to report to the main office. Willful disregard of established visitor control procedures can be considered trespassing and violators may be prosecuted.

Your support and cooperation in helping us maintain safe learning and work environments is very important

Question: I would like to review the specific details of the crisis or Security and Safety Emergency plan at my child’s school. Can I do that?

Answer: No, Security and Safety operational plans are not be released to the general public.

You are encouraged to discuss any specific concerns with the Superintendent’s office or school principal.

Question: Are fire drills conducted in my student's school?

Answer: Fire drills, bus evacuation drills, intruder and lock down drills are conducted at all WMASD facilities.  In addition, fire alarm and other critical building system testing is conducted at each facility by certified fire alarm, security system, building mechanical and administrative personnel.

Question: I have a student who will be in a wheelchair or be temporarily disabled and has classes on the second floor of his school. I am concerned about how he will evacuate the building during a fire emergency. How will this happen, and what does WMASD have in place for physically disabled students?

Answer: At the sound of the alarm, all students with physical disabilities in locations with ground floor egress shall evacuate the building. Students on upper floors of school buildings who can descend the stairs unassisted, or with the aid of crutches, leg braces, a cane, a walking device, or another person, shall also evacuate the building. Students on upper floors of the building, who are unable to evacuate, shall report to a designated Fire Evacuation Staging Area.

These staging areas serve as transition areas for students with physical disabilities as they await removal from the building. If appropriate, by fire department personal or response team personnel. The use of a staging areas reduces the risk of injury or loss of life that can occur when the evacuation of students with physical disabilities is attempted by persons untrained, inexperienced, or not equipped for this responsibility. Oftentimes, the Fire and Rescue Department determines that an evacuation is not required from the area.

Staging Area locations at WMASD facilities have been identified by WMASD Administration in conjunction with the communities emergency response leadership team.  The locations of all staging area rooms in WMASD are identified on floor plan maps, along with stairwells and elevators. These floor plans are placed in every classroom and emergency exit locations at each WMASD facility.


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